We know you’ve probably got some questions about how this whole BungoBox thing works. We hope to answer most of them in this section, but if not, just give us a call. 888.479.1888

  • Are BungoBoxes cleaned between rentals?

    Yes! Between each rental the boxes are cleaned in a two-step process. First, we remove any loose debris by blowing the boxes out with high pressure compressed air. Next, the boxes are wiped down with a cleaning solution.


  • Does BungoBox service long distance or out of area moves?

    Currently we only service moves within the same BungoBox regional area. While we do intend to eventually service longer distance and even cross country moves, we do not currently do so.

  • Does BungoBox deliver to walkup units?

    We will deliver to the 1st floor of an apartment or condo complex where there are only stairs available. If there is an elevator available we will deliver into the unit/apartment/suite.

  • Is BungoBox a moving company?

    No, the moving is up to you!

  • How do I pay?

    We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover. Full payment is required prior to delivery of your BungoBoxes.

  • Will I receive a phone call from BungoBox prior to my delivery?

    Absolutely! When you first place your order, we will send you a confirmation email. Then, we will call to confirm delivery details the day before. Plus, we’ll call you the day prior to your scheduled pickup to confirm those details. If you need to make any modifications to your order, delivery or pickup, don’t hesitate to call!

  • Do I need to be home during the delivery and pickup of my BungoBoxes

    Yes. Upon delivery, we will need you to sign the BungoBoxes rental agreement. Upon pickup, we will need you to be present while we count and inspect your BungoBoxes.

  • Can I keep my BungoBoxes longer if I need to?

    Yes, call as soon as you know that you will need them longer than your initial rental period.

  • Can I buy BungoBoxes?

    Yes, you can either buy them when ordering or you can just tell the driver who picks up your BungoBoxes how many you would like to keep. We will process your payment with the credit card on file and email you the receipt.

  • Does the BungoBoxes rental cover both delivery and pickup?

    Yes, pickup and delivery is included in the BungoBoxes rental price.

  • How big are the boxes?

    We have two sizes of BungoBoxes. The large (L) BungoBoxes is 2.5 cubic feet and is 27” long x 17” wide x 12” high. The extra large (XL) is 3.8 cubic feet and is 28” long x 20” wide x 15” high. Get and idea of just how much you can stuff in each size on our products page. Need help estimating? Call and speak to one of our rental experts today at 888.479.1888

  • How does BungoBox deliver and pickup the BungoBoxes?

    Our BungoBox truck and driver will deliver your boxes to your front door or garage. They stack neatly inside of each other and don’t take up much room. Our driver will even deliver the boxes right inside your house or business.

  • What are BungoWardrobes?

    They are a convenient way to move your clothing from closet to closet without taking each article on and off the hanger.

  • How can you help BungoBox help the environment?

    Every time you use BungoBox, environmental pressure is reduced and the planet is a little healthier. One BungoBox can be reused up to 400 times, saving up to 3000 gallons of water, 2000 Kilowatt hours of energy and 40 gallons of gasoline.

  • I am in the middle of my move and I need more BungoBoxes. How soon can you deliver additional boxes?

    We will do our best to help you select the correct amount of BungoBoxes. However, you are the best judge of how much stuff you have. When in doubt, order a few more BungoBoxes than you think you’ll need. If you do need additional BungoBoxes, there may be a delivery charge if your order does not meet our delivery minimum of $75.00. Just give us a call and we will do what we can to help you out.

  • I ordered too many BungoBoxes, can I be reimbursed for these unused boxes?

    Unfortunately, no. While the BungoBoxes are in your possession, they are considered rented and the rental fee will be charged.

Still wondering if BungoBox is for you?

Well, that really depends. Maybe you’re one of those people who really loves the smell of cardboard boxes and wrestling with that pesky packaging tape. So if you’re one of those people, then no, BungoBox is not for you.

But, if you want to save money, keep your valuables in one piece, protect the planet and basically make your life a whole lot easier with durable, stackable, sustainable containers, then you’ve come to the right place.

free delivery and pick up for orders over $75