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​When you're from Texas, you only ever move to Texas or "somewhere else." and if you are a Texan, many say there's no need to ever leave the, state. Case in point, BungoBox Austin Co-Owner Lauren Doering has moved eight times in her life, and every time has been within the Austin Metro Area. 

Via her experience there, she decided to partner with her father (Steve Doering - businessman extraordinaire) to launch BungoBox in the heart of Central Texas. The two of them bring eco-friendly boxes to the nation's third largest capital. BungoBoxes are a cost effective and sturdier alternative to cardboard, are environmentally friendly and moving companies love 'em. So, it was a no brainer for them. 

And they reckon they'll be sitting on the fence post, ready to help anyone looking to rent moving supplies and make their way to the center of the Lone Star State.   

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Austin Team

Don Alexander, General Manager

​Don gladly rolls up his sleeves to do anything that is needed at BungoBox. A bit of a "neat freak", Mr. Logistics parlays that skill away from the office, on his family, his golf game, NASCAR and craft beer - with the order of those things changing, depending on  the day. 

Lauren Doering

Lauren, a UT alum and Central Texas native, brings a feminine touch and voice to BungoBox. A master organizer and marketer she keeps everything running smoothly. When not playing with her miniature pinscher named Coach, she enjoys those perfect days on the lake, cooking and visiting local farmer's markets. 

Steve Doering

​Steve does whatever it takes to make BungoBox successful, including business operations and financial oversight. Outside of work, he cherishes time with his wife and two daughters, as well as playing and watching golf as often as possible. 

Austin Bio photo

Jay K. Shiffler

​Jay's main task at BungoBox is being awesome; he leads by example and loves encouraging the team for success. When away from BungoBox, he adores experiencing the beautiful world and doing so with his wife and two daughters. 

Austin Bio photo

Austin Moving Boxes

  When most people think of moving supplies, the first thing that comes to mind is cardboard boxes and all the other stuff that goes with them: Packing tape, packing peanuts and a tape gun, just to get started. All this can add up to hundreds of dollars, especially on a large move. However,... Read More

Next time you are planning to move your home or business, consider using BungoBox for all your packing needs. The newest trend in moving is renting durable moving boxes that are conveniently delivered and picked up after your move in Austin. Packing supplies rented through BungoBox can save hundreds... Read More

  Every once in awhile a great idea comes along and you have to wonder, “Why didn't I think of that?”. Anyone who has moved and used a pile of folded cardboard boxes to pack know that they are not ideal for moving. They are flimsy, need to be both assembled and disassembled,... Read More

If you are looking for environmentally friendly methods to do your next move, one way you can save trees and reduce waste in landfills is to use reusable green boxes to pack up your belongings. Renting plastic moving boxes is a great way to not only reduce waste, it is also a safer way to transport... Read More

In short, there is no way my wife and I could have made our move without our BungoBoxes. Equal parts product and service, the BungoBox experience made our move faster, easier and more affordable. In late July, I moved my wife, my two dogs and everything we owned halfway across Austin. The two of us... Read More

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