5 Reasons To Rent Plastic Moving Crates For Your Next Move

admin July 29, 2013

If you are fed up with trying to tape together cardboard boxes to pack up your belongings when you move, consider the option of renting plastic moving crates. Cardboard boxes are outdated as a way to pack and move a home or business. By renting plastic moving crates from BungoBox, you will save time and money as well as provide better protection for your items during the move. Here are five excellent reasons to call BungoBox the next time you are ready to begin packing.


  1. Plastic moving crates beat cardboard. In the rock, paper, scissors game of moving, plastic beats cardboard for storing your items. First off, cardboard is not sturdy and can crush easily under weight. This makes them difficult to stack, always needing to make sure the heaviest box is on the bottom. Second, cardboard is not waterproof. Not only can your belonging get soggy during the move, cardboard easily tears and gives out once wet, putting your items in danger of falling out the bottom of the box. Plastic moving crates stack neatly, keep moisture out and won’t fall apart when wet.
  2. BungoBoxes are delivered. When moving a large house or business, just hauling the needed cardboard boxes to the move site can take a moving van. Another benefit to renting plastic moving crates from BungoBox is that they are delivered and picked up. Just schedule the delivery for your move then have the boxes pick up once every thing is unpacked. No picking up boxes or needing to dispose of them when you are done, saving both time and money.
  3. Easy to use. BungoBoxes are much easier to use then cardboard boxes in several ways. They stack inside of each other when empty, saving space. Once loaded, their lids snap easily into place, no messy tape needed. They are designed to stack, making loading the moving vehicle much quicker. They also are easier to carry, with handles that give you a better grip than slippery cardboard boxes.
  4. Less waste. So many cardboard boxes end up in landfills once the move is over. Plastic moving crates are used over and over again, possibly saving hundreds of cardboard boxes from the landfills as well as trees needed to replace them. Each BungoBox can be used up to 400 times, making it a green choice for your move.
  5. Save money. Last, but certainly not least, renting plastic moving crates from BungoBox saves money! In most cases, people save about 50% renting BungoBoxes versus buying cardboard boxes and the needed packing materials. They are not only better, they are substantially less expensive, making them the smart choice when moving.


When you start planning your next move, forget the cardboard boxes and give plastic moving crates from BungoBox a try. You can conveniently look at pricing and size options on their website at Bungobox.com as well order directly online. Once you try BungoBoxes, you will never go back to cardboard! 

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