5 Steps to a Better Memorial Day Weekend Move

admin May 23, 2013

Memorial day is upon us. While many of us choose to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom by drinking beer, sitting in the sun and gorging ourselves on meat, many of you have chosen it as the best weekend of the year to pack up your house and move to a new one. You’re probably the same person who walks by the bakery on the way to the gym. You must hate yourself.

But we love you! That’s why we’ve come up with these 5 tips to help you with your up coming move.

1.     Master Plan – Gather everyone in your household and put together a master to do list. This includes the kids, the cat, the dog and your pet guinea pig that your children just had to have and promised to take care of forever not realizing that the expiration date on forever is measured in days, not years. Nobody gets a free pass on moving day.

2.     Research and find vendors

  • Boxes – While we are unabashedly biased in thinking you should order up some our amazing plastic moving boxes you can certainly choose to pickup some cardboard boxes… If you want your move to suck. When your son’s baseball trophy drops on the floor and shatters into a million pieces because you packed it in cardboard you’ll hear us in the back of your mind saying we told you so. That’s how we roll.
  • Find a mover – We recommend checking out uShip and letting movers bid to help you out. Tons of movers all bidding to be the one to earn your business; The narcissist in you will love it and you’ll end up saving some coin.
  • Rent a truck – If you’re going to be moving yourself check out Penske for your truck rental needs and if you rent through their link on partners page you can save 10% and that doesn’t suck. Remember to reserve your truck early as they are a finite resource and making a thousand trips back and forth in your Prius is highly inefficient.
  • Transfer utilities and forward mail – You can call all of your utility providers individually, yelling your way through their automated phone system until you finally reach that helpful person on the other end of the line. Alternately, you can do it all in one place at our partner Updater.com
  • Self Storage – If you’re downsizing and need a place to temporarily store some stuff or just want to keep your new place from looking like the set of Hoarders you can get the best deal on a storage unit at Sparefoot.
  • Hire moving labor – Want to sit back and enjoy the weekend like the rest of us while someone else packs and moves your stuff? Then Elite Moving Labor is the place for you. Get a professional moving team, small or large to handle all the hard work for you while you sip on umbrella drinks and make sure the mountains on your beer can maintain the perfect shade of blue.

3.     Purging in 3 piles – Are you going to use your move as an excuse to upgrade your wardrobe or furnishings? Separate your items into 3 piles:

  • Sell – get some money for those things you don’t love anymore (remember that guinea pig from before?). Have a garage sale or sell it online.
  • Donate – Donate items to a local or national charity. Most places accept clothing and non-perishable food items and some local shelters may accept shampoo and soap products.
  • Recycle or trash – Lastly, any items  you can’t sell or donate can be recycled if possible or trashed as a last resort. 

4.     Keep important items with you – Keep your prized possessions close to you if at all possible. Your great-great-great grandmother’s wedding ring and your world record Rubik’s cube will grow legs during a move. Whenever possible keep items like that in your personal vehicle for the move to the new place.

Also you may want to make a box of important items that you’ll need immediately and keep it with you. Things like toiletries, cleaning supplies, medications and kitchen utensils. You may want to pack some snack foods away in there too to appease the kids or yourself. Man I love Animal Crackers.

5.     Plan ahead – Whether it’s your rental truck, hiring a mover or ordering BungoBoxes, always try to plan ahead. Every item you can check off the list ahead of time is one less thing to try to stuff into the Friday before your weekend move date. Get some packing done ahead of time. We recommend getting your BungoBoxes at least 1 week ahead of your move date and most people will keep them 1 week after the move date to unpack. Also, plan ahead when trying to wrangle your friends and family into joining your weekend adventure. If you’re going to shame them into helping you move at least give them ample time to psych themselves up.  While positive reinforcement goes a long way (“You’re really dropping my fragile items like a champ, Bob!”) don’t forget to plan ahead to take care of the pizza and beer needed to get through the day. Your helper’s will be a lot happier. It’s the law… and if it’s not, it should be.

If you find our tips helpful feel free to leave us a comment here or on Facebook or Twitter. Have a safe and happy Memorial Day and remember to take time out of your holiday weekend whether you’re moving or relaxing and give thanks to those who have given everything so that we can continue to enjoy this beautiful country of ours. 

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