A Clean Startup: BungoBox

admin October 31, 2012

Text and photo published in the Connecticut Green Guide, a publication of the Hartford Business Journal

Name: Peter Mendlinger
Age: 45
Title: Connecticut franchise owner
Startup: BungoBox
Launch: July 16, 2012
Headquarters: 425 Main St. Middletown, CT
Web site: www.BungoBox.com

Save Money
For commercial moves, BungoBoxes cost 25 cents per box per day for the first week and 15 cent per day afterward. For residential, the cost is $1.75 per box per week with a half-off discount starting the second week. BungoBox provides delivery and pickup. Buying 50 similarly sized cardboard boxes would be at least $150, not counting tape.

Save the Environment
BungoBox provides hard plastic boxes with interlocking lids for commercial and residential moves, replacing cardboard boxes and tape. Cardboard boxes can be reused for two moves. BungoBoxes can be reused up to 400 times, and afterward the plastic is recycled into new BungoBoxes.

“Moving just sucks. There is a lot of pain in it for people, and we help alleviate some of that. Moving sucks less with BungoBox.” – Peter Mendlinger

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