A Perfect Solution

admin June 28, 2011

I wanted to thank you for providing my husband and I with BungoBoxes for our move to North Phoenix.  What a great solution!  The last time we moved, I bought recycled cardboard boxes but after unpacking, was faced with the issue of what to do with all of them. It took weeks to get them “processed” – broken down, flattened, stacked and then put in the front yard (hoping that the wind wouldn’t blow them around) to be picked up by the City of Phoenix.  Recycling them was a royal pain as the City of Phoenix had strict requirements for how to prepare them for pick up.  Our 2-car garage was virtually useless until we were able to get rid of them.

The BungoBoxes are a perfect solution.  They were no more money than the cardboard boxes, and we didn’t have to tape them together.  They actually hold a lot more, are stronger and the various sizes were very useful.  The best thing about the BongoBoxes was the dolly they sat on.  During packing, you could move them around easily after loading them and could stack them 4 boxes high.  This made packing and unpacking a breeze.  After the move, you could wheel the boxes where they needed to go for unpacking and once empty, they stacked together tightly and took up no more room in the garage than two boxes would on the floor. And, there is nothing to recycle, as the boxes are reusable and already made of recycled plastic.  A green solution that keeps unwanted boxes out of landfills and conserves resources.

 We will gladly use BungoBoxes whenever we move (if we ever move again), and appreciated your service and timely delivery and pickups.  You always let us know when you were going to be there and your delivery windows were accurate – you were on time for both the drop off and pick up.

 Thank you again for offering BungoBoxes in Phoenix.  Good luck with your business.  I think it is a great concept and service.


Jeri S.

June 3, 2011






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