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admin August 30, 2012

My apologies, was not sure where to "categorized this". First to enter this business,since this is a "innovative" concept, not really a "one click" box  you can place this. (they also offer commercial services,)-nowhere to categorize it.

WITHOUT EXCEPTION  best SERVICE experience I've *EVER* had while moving. .

"Flip Top Storage Crates" designed to use during a move process. Stacable/Nestable, ettc

Due to the fact I was moving into a Condo, I knew that getting rid of (30 corrugated boxes of  personal items 3 boxes which were Corrugated Wardrobe boxes I USED IN THE PAST) would simply be a "nightmare" scenario. So looked for this solution.

"Products" they offer (You don't have to register to review their site)…

"Pre Packaged" discount plans…

*"Service Experience"

1 The Service *BOTH* Drop off and Pick up *FREE*

2.The "Service Experience" I  had -Drop off/Pick UP--very professional. cordial, even down to the "little details" on drop off the gentleman gave me labels and advised me not to use anything "very sticky" (leaves residue) as they'll have to charge to remove-- Awesome, never thought of that! "Warned" beforehand!!!!

3 As anyone who has bought a new place, things never go as planned,. I didn't close as planned on my first condo. I had to SCRAMBLE to find a "temp home" to live.These Boxes protected my valuables the 2 months it took me to find my "New Top Floor Condo"!! : )

4  The several times, I had to extend my "pick up" time, each time they were very accommodating/understanding.

*Product Experience*

1. Without question, I will *NEVER* move without using these boxes. I would describe as "medium duty/high quality construction" ex -it's not like you have a bunch of "Warehouse Grade" 20 pound (empty) plastic boxes in your house. (nor are they "cheap plastic" Target grade you fill more than 10 lbs full and they crack apart.

2. For example, I was able to fill a box full of Books, which felt like "full" weighed 100-lbs (unbelievably heavy) and never did I worry the bottom would drop out.

3. Reverse example. I forgot to get anything for my glassware, Didn't have time to run, go get a corrugated solution from "THE CS" or the like. Needed to finish packing, thought "oh well, it's my fault, keep my fingers crossed".

I took each wine glass I had, rolled the wine class into "one roll" of a towel, placed the next wine glass into the "Next roll" and so on. so had  4 glasses in a "flat pack" type packing. I then gently stacked each "flat roil" into the crate, placing a bed pillow in the "empty space" to keep them from rattling around.
100%!!! of the wine glasses (and "daily drinking glasses" )Survived!!!--THREE home moves.. Never would I expect that in a corrugated box.

4.The boxes (empty) "Nest" into each other so again, it's not like you have a house full of boxes to maneuver around.

5. Full of your valuables, the boxes "stack" on each other *almost* into a "Locked fashion"

6.Last but definitely not least, if you are a "Green Conscious" person, this is *THE ULTIMATE* "Green Solution" I'm guessing those boxes are reused dozens of times before "retired" (and probably retired to some "warehouse" that needs a secure solution to store long term items (ie. protect from water, bugs, etc).


I can honestly say there was *NOTHING* I can say negative about the Company, their personnel, their product, or the move experience as it pertained to the quality of the product/service they offer.

*THE ONLY* thing I'd say they need to "improve upon" is the ability to find them on the Web. When I knew I wanted this solution, I kept getting companies located in California (where I'm sure this is very popular due to the "Green Initiative").

I honestly don't remember what keyword combination I used, but was kinda hard to find them (I included their links above).

To read the actual review click here: Yelp Review

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