Another Win for BungoBox: 44% Cheaper Than Target

admin December 06, 2010

The fight against cardboard continues on here at BungoBox. We are constantly striving to not only offer the most environmentally friendly way to move but to also provide the best price. We know that moving is never fun, so our team works around the clock to make it easiest as possible. But, don't just take it from us! We have hit the streets once again talking to you, the customers, about how BungoBox is holding up against our competitors. Remember our friends the Johnsons and all of the money they saved with BungoBox? They're back, but this time their oldest daughter Lisa is the one preparing for a move.

#1. Meet Lisa Johnson, UCF Student

She has decided to move out of her dorm in Lake Claire for the upcoming Spring semester. Her parents have agreed to let her move home to save money.

She has been living in a 4/2 with 3 other girls. Her bedroom will need to be completely packed up along with her belongings in the living room and kitchen.

#2. Her Move

Between Lisa's car and her parents van, she will not need to hire a moving service to help transport her things. However, she still needs to find moving boxes to pack up all of her belongings. Being computer savvy, she decides to order her boxes online.

Initially, she assumes Target will provide the cheapest moving kit. But, once she visits their site, she is shocked by the high price. $75.00 just for a bunch of cardboard?

Her roommate suggests she check out Staples because they usually offer fair prices. However, Lisa still can't believe they are asking $66.00 just for cardboard boxes.

Ah ha! She decides to check out a website that specializes in moving boxes, they have got to offer a cheaper price. After a quick google search for "cheap moving boxes" she arrives at

Lisa is happy with their price of only $52. She calls her mom before purchasing the boxes though, just to make sure it's safe to order off of an off-brand website. When she tells her mom about her research and, her mom suggests she check one last place before making a decision. Lisa's mom educates her about BungoBox, a new company that provides reusable, stackable plastic boxes.

#3. BungoBox For the Win

Lisa is sure that the website her mom referred her to will be more expensive, considering the durability and convenience of their product. But once she checks out their package for a one room move, she sees they are actually the most cost effective option!

With their easy online order option, Lisa is able to schedule the delivery and pick up of the boxes for the upcoming weekend!

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