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admin May 06, 2013

Austin loves sustainability, so it comes as no surprise that Austin residents have embraced BungoBox, an innovative company that rents reusable, interlocking plastic moving containers.

There's no doubt that moving sucks enough without having to invest in disposable boxes and then worrying about disposing of the residual cardboard boxes once you have completed your move. So instead of filling the landfills with garbage, why not rent plastic moving containers instead?

Here's 9 reasons why it makes sense:

  1. Eco-Friendly: Renting will eliminate the cost and hassle of buying and then disposing of cardboard boxes. Go Green instead.
  2. Sustainability: Plastic moving containers are reusable and can be used up to 400 times before being recycled again. Check out what our containers look like here:
  3. Service: BungoBox delivers the boxes to your door and then picks them up when you're done. Simply move, unpack, then give them back.
  4. Cost: The cost to rent sustainable moving containers, including delivery and pickup, should be approximately half the cost of purchasing cardboard boxes, tape and packing paper. Check out some of our common packages here:
  5. Moving Companies: If you are contracting the packing and moving, check to make sure your moving company uses sustainable moving boxes. Simply have them contact BungoBox at
  6. Boxes and Wardrobes: In addition to the plastic moving containers, we also have sustain wardrobe containers, too!
  7. Wheels: BungoBox wheels minimize lifting requirements and help make the move a breeze. You, and your back, will appreciate how easy BungoWheels will make the move.
  8. Durability: Not only are the plastic boxes tough, but they keep your stuff safer too. They don't collapse, are impentrable, perfectly stackable and require much less packing material.
  9. Sanitary: Infestation is a common problem with cardboard boxes. Every BungoBox is hand-cleaned and sanitized after each use and are delivered ready to pack.

You can also check out what Austin is saying about BungoBox:

So when you are planning your next move consider using sustainable, reusable plastic moving boxes from BungoBox. They will simplify your life and definitely make moving less sucky!

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