Austin’s Three Key Elements

admin May 06, 2013

In short, there is no way my wife and I could have made our move without our BungoBoxes. Equal parts product and service, the BungoBox experience made our move faster, easier and more affordable.

In late July, I moved my wife, my two dogs and everything we owned halfway across Austin. The two of us have each moved eight times in the last nine years, each time dreading the move more and more. Thanks to BungoBox, this one was the smoothest yet.

Three key elements caused us to kick cardboard to the curb and never look back: Quality of product, convenience of service and overall value.

Quality of product—As a newly married couple, we found out pretty fast that transporting our wedding china in a cardboard box just wasn't going to cut it. The more we thought about it, though, we weren't comfortable putting anything in a cardboard box. Whether it was her crystal and picture frames or my PlayStation 3 and sports memorabilia, why were we storing our items in cardboard boxes that could tear easily and offer no protection from the sun or rain? And packing tape? Give me a break. The BungoBoxes were lightweight yet incredibly strong, and their interlocking lids that could be pad-locked or zip-tied closed made us feel much safer about packing and shipping our valuables. We also loved the easily-removable stickers provided for labeling each box; no more illegible Sharpie-scribbles on the side of a cardboard box. Best of all, when the first box was unpacked, we filled it with ice and beer to "aid" in our unpacking process.

Convenience of service—When you're trying to pack up your old house and move to a new one, the last thing you want to think about is where you're going to get cardboard boxes, or worse, what in the world you're going to do with them when you're done. The guys at BungoBox not only provided us with a superior product, but they delivered AND picked up the boxes for us. How did this help? On the front end, we weren't scrambling to borrow or purchase cardboard boxes; instead, BungoBoxes were placed neatly in our living room two days before our move. On the back end, we scheduled a pick-up time and the boxes were out of our hair before we knew it. Our cardboard boxes from the year before had sat in the garage and grown tattered and weak from the elements. Perhaps even more important than that, the BungoBox team helped us decide how many boxes we need. They didn't try to oversell us or force to "upgrade" to the next combo package; they made us comfortable about their products and helped us get the most out of the service.

Overall value—Until  I used BungoBoxes, I had no idea how much money I was wasting on moving supplies each year. Before booking with BungoBox, a major moving company tried to sell my wife a cardboard and packing-tape "kit" for more than $300. All she had to do was drive 25 minutes out of her way and hopefully the company "might still have some in stock." BungoBox didn't just offer a better product than cardboard—they did it for nearly one-third of the price. With the combined quality of both product and service, their affordable prices were worth every penny.

Don and the team at BungoBox made this such a surprisingly good experience for my wife and I that we've already recommended them to many of our friends and colleagues. I'm not sure I'll ever truly look forward to moving, but if I have to, I'm glad to know BungoBox will give me one less thing to worry about.

Ben & Mary Stratmann
Austin, Texas

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