BungoBox adds new members to its board of advisers

admin September 05, 2012

Orlando, Fla. (Sept. 5, 2012) - BungoBox is pleased to announce two new additions to its board of advisers. Mike Hinn, CEO of creative/marketing firm Knight, and David Whitney, director at Duncan-Williams Inc., have both been selected to serve on the board.

Hinn, awarded the lifetime of service recognition by the University of Central Florida Alumni Association, has 20 years of sound marketing and sales fundamentals that provide him a clear understanding of not only creative and marketing, but organizations, systems and technologies.

Whitney, an investment banker at Duncan-Williams, advises public and private companies on strategy and operations, assists in raising investor capital, and serves as a financial advisor on M&A transactions. His expertise is in serving companies in the technology, telecommunications, media, consumer business, and financial services industries. In addition to his responsibilities at Duncan-Williams, Whitney serves as the Entrepreneur in Residence in the University of Florida's College of Engineering and teaches a graduate course on Innovation at the University of Florida.

“We are honored to have such distinguished leaders serve on our board of advisers,” says Tom Cannon, BungoBox co-founder and CEO. “Their expertise and diverse backgrounds will help BungoBox in its mission to become a nationwide brand.”

About BungoBox:
BungoBox is an innovative company that is transforming the traditional moving process. Committed to helping consumers save time and money with an eco-friendly alternative to cardboard boxes. For more information, visit www.bungobox.com.

To download product photos, please visit www.bungobox.com/about/press.

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