BungoBox announces franchise to cover the state of Connecticut

admin May 02, 2012

Orlando, Fla. (April 29, 2012) - BungoBox, a plastic moving box rental company, has awarded a new franchise in Connecticut, bringing the total number of BungoBox franchises in Canada and the U.S. to 14.

BungoBox, founded in May 2009, rents reusable plastic boxes to save consumers time and money over traditional moving methods. The edgy and innovative company, with a slogan of “We Make Moving Less Sucky,” takes the hassle out of rounding of moving materials by delivering its stackable moving boxes to a customers’ doorstep. (A large box of about 2.5 cubic feet rents for $1.75 a week.) Once they’ve been unpacked, BungoBox picks them up at the new residence.

The new franchise was awarded to Peter Mendlinger, a business and commercial property broker and licensed real estate broker. His BungoBox coverage area includes the entire state of Connecticut, where approximately 3.5 million people reside. He plans on beginning operations in mid-July; the business will be located in Middletown, Conn.

“I am most excited about being ahead of any other local, regional or national firm offering the same or even similar value in the rental box space here in Connecticut,” Mendlinger, who resides in Colchester, says. “In the Connecticut market BungoBox is truly differentiated as there really is not anyone else offering anything similar. BungoBox represents a ‘ground floor’ opportunity in a market that BungoBox itself is defining.”

Since late 2010 when BungoBox launched the franchise option, co-founders Tom and Bob Cannon have opened 13 locations across the US and Canada. The Cannons say part of the plan includes expanding operations by opening 150 franchise locations in the next five years as part of a steady and strategic growth strategy

“Aligning with BungoBox this early in the franchise and territory roll-out process allows me to align with the brand leader and at the beginning of the growth curve,” Mendlinger says. “BungoBox is poised to be disruptive and force a shift to the entrenched corrugated cardboard paradigm.”

About BungoBox:
BungoBox is an innovative company that is transforming the traditional moving process. Committed to helping consumers save time and money with an eco-friendly alternative to cardboard boxes, BungoBox has 14 locations (13 franchise locations and one corporate location). For more information, visit www.bungobox.com.

To download product photos, please visit www.bungobox.com/about/press.

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