BungoBox announces new franchise in South Florida

admin May 02, 2012

Orlando, Fla. (April 27, 2012) - BungoBox, a plastic moving box rental company, has awarded a new BungoBox franchise in South Florida, bringing the total number of BungoBox franchises in Canada and the U.S. to 13.

BungoBox, founded in May 2009, rents reusable plastic boxes to save consumers time and money over traditional moving methods. The edgy and innovative company, with a slogan of “We Make Moving Less Sucky,” takes the hassle out of rounding of moving materials by delivering its stackable moving boxes to a customers’ doorstep. (A large box of about 2.5 cubic feet rents for $1.75 a week.) Once they’ve been unpacked, BungoBox picks them up at the new residence.

The new franchisee was awarded to husband-and-wife team Greg and Jennifer Steinig, who also own a BungoBox franchise in Tampa, which services Pasco, Pinellas, Hillsborough and Hernando counties, an area made up of more than 2 million residents.

“This past year has been very successful,” says Greg Steinig. In fact, we've been profitable since opening our doors. Knowing the viability of this business and seeing the reception we've received, we thought it prudent to purchase the territory adjacent to ours.”

The new territory includes Manatee, Sarasota, Charlotte, Collier and Monroe counties

“In the beginning most of our work was residential,” says Greg Steinig. “This also gave us the ability to make sales calls on commercial accounts while growing through the residential model.” Greg and Jennifer says they’ve done well in the commercial market, too. Clients include Lennar Homes, Parson Brinkerhoff and Kirk-Pinkerton.

About BungoBox:
BungoBox is an innovative company that is transforming the traditional moving process. Committed to helping consumers save time and money with an eco-friendly alternative to cardboard boxes, BungoBox has 13 locations (12 franchise locations and one corporate location). For more information, visit www.bungobox.com.

To download product photos, please visit www.bungobox.com/about/press.

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