BungoBox board member Mike Hinn featured in the Orlando Business Journal

admin September 28, 2012

Michael Hinn, CEO, Knight

Michael Hinn, CEO of Knight, this year won the Lifetime of Service Award for his 18-plus years of contributions to the University of Central Florida Alumni Association’s alumni magazine, Pegasus.

He founded his company, formerly known as Knight Images Inc., with Jim Hobart in 1994 as a marketing agency providing different marketing and public relations services to local and international organizations. Its services include branding, design, interactive, publishing, media and business intelligence.

The youngest of eight children, Hinn was the first in his family to attend a university. The creation of Knight allowed Hinn, 42, to give back to the alma mater that gave him the foundation for the rest of his life. “I felt very indebted to UCF: I received my education, I met my wife, I met my business partner, and I met my first client there. After all of that, how could you not give back?”

Along with his participation in maintaining the Pegasus alumni magazine, he also has helped design programs, distribution materials and the original online Web portal for the UCF Alumni Association.

Other clients include Eola Wine Co.; The Vue; Burke, Hogue & Mills; Everything But Water; the Metro Orlando Economic Development Commission; Hughes Supply; and House of Blues.

“I have a very blessed life, and I know it,” Hinn said. “It’s not because of the work, it’s not because of the company — it’s 100 percent because of the people in my life.”


Education: Bachelor’s in marketing, University of Central Florida

Birthplace: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Little-known fact: I am fluent in Arabic.

Favorite sports team: Toronto Maple Leafs

Favorite distraction: Playing hockey as much as possible


Basic philosophy: It’s not about the big idea — it’s about the right one.

Greatest challenge: Reinventing the business every three to five years to stay ahead of the curve

Advice for success: Surround yourself with the right people.

Proudest business moment: Being honored as the family champion for the Top 100 Companies for Working Families. This one stands out since it came from my co-workers and was a complete surprise. The celebration included family, friends and co-workers from every era.


Most annoying habit: My wife tells me I’m too loud when I floss.

Favorite weekly ritual: My wife and I go out every week for date night. We’ve been married for 19 years.

Favorite Starbucks drink: The Newfie. This drink was named by a fellow Canadian barista at the Grand Bohemian to mock me.

Something I never expected to do at my job: Still be running the same company for almost 20 years


Favorite ways to spend free time: With family and friends; playing hockey

I’m reading: Halftime by Bob Buford

Places I love to travel to: Greece, Israel, New York City and Toronto

Future travel plans: Italy, next summer

Best part of Central Florida: My life took shape here. I met my wife, started a business at a young age, started a family, and now I am enjoying the ride.

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