BungoBox Green Team

admin July 09, 2013

Jim Amendum, owner of BungoBox – Charlotte set up a display at the NC Sustainable Energy Association conference held at the Charlotte Convention Center.  This conference was an opportunity for environmentally friendly businesses to showcase methods being utilized to reduce our carbon footprints.  As a former science teacher and school administrator, Jim is proud to own a green business.  Jim feels that BungoBox ownership is not just about making money and providing great customer service.  It is also about doing what is best for the environment by providing a green alternative for moving.

There are several aspects of BungoBox that Jim considers as green essentials.  First, BungoBoxes themselves are constructed of 100% recycled plastic.  So, instead of clogging landfills for thousands of years, used plastic is being put to a good use.  Second, BungoBoxes are sustainable – sturdy enough for an average of 400 rentals!  And lastly, BungoBoxes are proof that moving green does not mean more expensive; BungoBoxes typically rent for one-half the cost of purchasing cardboard cartons.  BungoBox - not just a business – a green lifestyle!


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