BungoBox is the Outstanding Small Biz for 2012

admin December 08, 2012

BungoBox’s plastic moving bins prove profitable

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Moving. No one likes the work involved in doing it. Which is why, in 2009, a small company called BungoBox began its mission: changing the way people move forever.

Cousins Tom and Bob Cannon, cofounders of BungoBox, found a creative alternative to cardboard moving boxes: Renting out stackable, reusable plastic bins for commercial and residential moves. BungoBox delivers the sturdy bins to a customers’ doorstep, and after the customer unpacks, picks them up at the new office or residence.

“If one person uses an average of 50 boxes per move, each person runs through about 800 cardboard boxes alone,” said Sarah Sekula, BungoBox director of public relations. “Plus, our customers get an earth-friendly way to move that’s cheaper than buying cardboard boxes.”

In three years, the small Casselberry company went from two employees and no franchisees to seven workers and 50 franchisee staff members in the U.S. and Canada with more than

$1 million in revenue.

BungoBox is the top winner in the 1-25 employees division of Orlando Business Journal’s 2012 Outstanding Small Businesses competition.

“I want to leave a legacy,” said Bob Cannon, president. “I want to inspire people that innovation isn’t dead. If you surround yourself with really smart people, you can accomplish anything.”

In the next five years, BungoBox plans to increase the number of franchise locations from 16 to 150, said Tom Cannon, CEO. Three to five new franchises are scheduled to open in North America and Canada by the end of this year.

“We want to be the largest in the world and the leading moving box company in the U.S. Anything less would be short of our vision,” Tom Cannon said.

Now that BungoBox has taken off outside of Florida, similar companies are starting to take notice.

“BungoBox has defined and executed a vision to become competitive as a franchisor and operator,” said Joe Aiello, president of New Jersey-based competitor, Rentacrate. “Their sales of franchises is commendable in this economy. They have also done a great job in creating a brand for Bungo.”

Many people who have used BungoBox for residential or commercial moving come back as repeat customers.

BungoBox accountant Bonny Bowyer of Bowyer & McCullough PA is convinced of BungoBox’s convenience and service.

“I’m moving in two weeks, already have my order in, and I’m going to pack, unpack and give them back, just like the website says,” Bowyer said. “It’s good for businesses; it’s good for individuals. They’re the first industry doing this, and every industry starts with someone doing something with a new idea.”


Division: 1-25 employees

Description: Rents out plastic moving bins for commercial and residential moves

Top executives: CEO Tom Cannon and President Bob Cannon, co-founders

2012 projected revenue: $1 million-plus

Revenue growth 2010-2012: 471 percent

Employees: Seven, plus 50 franchisee staff members

Community service: Food, clothing and toy drives during the holiday season; The Ephraim project; Habitat for Humanity; Startup Weekend Orlando; UCF Venture Labs; provided boxes for Envy Labs’ food drive

Contact: (888) 479-1888; www.bungobox.com

Other division winners: BigEye Creative; Studio 3 Designs LLC

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