BungoBox Jacksonville Rocks Commercial Customers

admin May 07, 2013

Jacksonville is a great city to live and work in. Maybe it’s because of our beautiful beaches, our wonderful waterways or the expanding business opportunities here in the north Florida area. For whatever reasons the Jacksonville area is growing leaps and bounds and Bungobox Jacksonville is there to help serve in it’s moving needs.

The Bungobox concept is simple. You hate to move (who doesn’t ?) and Bungobox makes the moving process easier by supplying durable plastic crates so that crushable cardboard boxes are no longer necessary.

Our Bungoboxes come with a self closing lid, easy carry handles and a form fitted dolly. You just pack ‘em, stack ‘em and roll them out. No more pesky packing tape and no more heavy lifting. Heck ! We even deliver and pick them up for free. And guess what? They rent for half the cost of buying a cardboard box.

My name is Kevin Booth and I’m one of the co-owners of Bungobox Jacksonville. My favorite side of the business is when I get to do a pick up and I get to talk to one of our clients. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction and I know it’s happening because our clients let us know it. Moving is such a pain and everyone is so eager to tell us how much smoother this move went than the last time they moved. All because they called Bungobox and rented our boxes. We are in a business that makes people happy.  And that’s a great business to be in.

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