BungoBox Loves Residential Business in Jacksonville

admin May 07, 2013

So you are going to be moving soon and you think Bungobox can help make your move easier.

Well, you are absolutely right ! And the best way to get started is is to go and pick out your bedroom package on the Bungobox website. Once that is done here's how Bungobox Jacksonville does what they do to take some of the stress out of your upcoming move.

Bungobox delivers 365 days a year. Holidays weekends? It doesn't matter. Sometimes people have to do their move when they have time off from work and we are there to accommodate.

“I know I should have ordered sooner, but can you still get them to me by tomorrow”?

Yes we can!

I don't want to use cardboard boxes because we used them before and they had bugs in them.

Bungoboxes are cleaned and sanitized before any rental. You will never receive a dirty box!

And here's the inside scoop on a Jacksonville Bungobox order/delivery.

We will call you the day before the delivery and the day of the delivery to confirm delivery status and delivery time. This insures that our delivery will be on time in accordance with your moving schedule (rain or shine).

Remember that Bungobox also carries wrapping paper, bubble wrap, moving straps, wardrobe boxes, and rental dollies in case you need them. The delivery driver might even mention these items to you when he calls so that if you didn't order them on line he can still bring them to you when he delivers your boxes. In fact, we carry bubble wrap and wrapping paper on our trucks just in case.

Live on the third floor in an apartment community? Then your boxes get delivered to the third floor.

Need an extra week? Then all boxes are half off for every week after the first week.

Need labels? Our customer receive a free label with every box rented.

We know that every clients delivery/order is unique and Bungobox Jacksonville will always work to accommodate any special issues with your order. Simply put. Our goal is to continue our 100% customer satisfaction reputation.


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