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admin December 20, 2012

We are very excited about our partnership with Elite Moving Labor. Just like BungoBox, they work to make your move as easy as possible. Who doesn’t like that?

Elite Moving Labor provides professional movers for residential and businesses that have secured their own transportation method. Their customers typically rent their own truck or portable storage container and use Elite’s team of movers to load, unload or pack it. 

How The Moving Labor Process Works

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to moving labor and what the service entails. The simplest way to think of moving labor is movers without the truck. Yes, we know this sounds strange to many of you and it's why we cover the topic so extensively. Simply put, moving labor fills the physical and skilled requirements for anyone who plans to move themselves. "Moving yourself", also referred to as "self moving" and "DIY moving", is when you decide to rent a truck, PODS container or freight trailer for your move. These options provide the transportation to move your items but not the actual movers to load, unload or pack - hence the term moving labor.

Step 1: Rent The Truck

Truck rentals, PODS, trailers and containers are all viable, affordable and abundant options for self moving, usually much cheaper than a traditional van line. Which method you choose should be based on your relocation situation and budget. We've provided an in depth overview regarding these methods and how to choose one for both local moves and long distance moves.

Step 2: Hire Moving Labor

The coolest feature about moving labor is the flexibility. Unlike a traditional van line, we can help with as much or as little as you would like. Hire our movers to load the truckunload the truck or simply to pack boxes. Even if you hire us just to load your moving truck you can still limit our time on site to heavy furniture only or whatever specific need you have. With moving labor you can be as hands on, or off, as you would like to be with your move.

Step 3: Save Money!

The benefit of self moving is in the savings. Full service moves are expensive, really expensive. By combining a self move transportation method (step 1) along with moving labor (step 2) you can save an average of 40-60% when compared to a full service company.  


For an extra $10 bucks off with elite see our partner page.



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