BungoBox Recommended by a Man Who Knows Moving

admin July 11, 2014

“BungoBox made packing my house a lot less hectic“, explained Justin Sheppard, a realtor with Thomas Brown Properties.

When Justin was preparing to move, he discovered BungoBox on Facebook. He placed an order immediately after understanding BungoBox’s ability to customize the size and number of boxes to his needs. When the boxes arrived, he found the staff pleasant and easy to work with. BungoBox made his move easier by delivering and retrieving the boxes versus having to search for boxes and packing materials. BungoBox’s service saved Justin’s valuable time and also saved him money.

BungoBox made Justin’s potentially stressful move much easier and he also believes “the whole business concept is really great.” As a realtor, he highly recommends Bungobox’s service to other realtors and people that are moving.

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