BungoBox Wins Again: 70% Cheaper Than U-Haul

admin November 10, 2010

Frequently when our customers first find out about BungoBox, they can't believe our boxes are cheaper than cardboard. After all, they are already more environmentally friendly, easier to use and more durable than cardboard. How could they possibly be cheaper too? So, we decided to do a little experiment using our favorite fictional family, the Johnsons. We’re confident you’ll be calling us to perform at your kid’s next birthday party after this one, because to provide prices this low, we must be magicians!

Check out how BungoBox saved the day once again in the story of the Johnsons and their move.

#1. Meet the Johnsons

They are relocating from Windermere, Florida to Kissimmee, Florida.This is about a 40 minute move

They currently live in a 3 bedroom/ 2 bathroom home.

#2. Their Move

They have already decided on their moving company, but now they need to find moving boxes. Mrs. Johnson loves to get the most bang for her buck, so she decides to do a little research.

First, she visits www.uhaul.com. This seems a little steep, she thinks.

Maybe, OfficeMax can provide a better price for her. She will need at least 3 of these one room kits, possibly 4 (little Johnny does have quite the collection of hot wheels). Even with just 3 moving kits, the estimated price is $218.97.

Mrs. Johnson is very smart though, so she doesn’t stop there. Deciding to do a Google search, she types “cheap cardboard boxes”. She is then directed to www.usedcardboardboxes.com.

She is about to settle for their price of $199.00 when Mr. Johnson arrives home from work with great news! One of his co-workers has told him about a great new company, BungoBox. He tells her that this company provides re-usable, plastic boxes (which is great because the Johnsons are very environmentally friendly).

#3. BungoBox Takes the Win

When she checks out the website, www.bungobox.com, she is surprised to find that she does not have to worry about packing tape or box cutters and they even offer dollies!

BungoBox provides everything she needs for just $105.00. Looks like the Johnsons found their winner!

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