Can BungoBox Make Your Next Move Fun?

admin September 05, 2014

“I’ve told several people about BungoBox,and stated it almost made moving fun … almost!”

When Mark Soberman, owner of NetPicks LLC, was preparing to move from hisfive-bedroom house, he needed some assistance. He got online and searched for a company that would deliver boxes directly to his house. Shortly after finding BungoBox, he scheduled his box delivery. 

He found there were several advantages to using BungoBoxes, compared with traditional cardboard box. “I certainly liked the eco-friendly aspect of reusable boxes.  In addition, I felt it made the move faster, given the boxes did not require assembly.” He also noted that he felt his items were better protected in the tough plastic BungoBoxes versus cardboard boxes. 

“Overall, the convenience of the boxes arriving on time, being picked up on time and the high quality of the product/boxes themselves made the move much simpler.” Mark states, “While I'm not looking forward to another move, this more than met my expectations and I would use BungoBox again.”

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