Charlotte’s Happy Customers

admin July 09, 2013

The Rosa’s must be happy with BungoBox because they have rented BungoBoxes three times!  The first move was from a home in Charlotte to one in neighboring Concord, North Carolina.  For that move the Rosas not only rented BungoBoxes but also rented dollies, wardrobes, and packing supplies.  When Jim Amendum, owner of BungoBox – Charlotte, came to pick up the rented boxes at the Rosa’s new home, they praised the BungoBox concept, service, and ease created for their move.  The Rosas even offered to write reviews for BungoBox!

Six months later, the Rosas moved their parents from Tampa, Florida to Charlotte, North Carolina.  Again they used BungoBox to make the move as pain free as possible.  Their third and last move, however, was a recent business move as the Rosas relocated the family business, Tino Tile [picture shown above], to a new location.  This move was also made easier and cost efficient by BungoBox rentals, and the employees at Tino Tile were enthusiastic about the BungoBox products and service.

The best testimony for a business is customer satisfaction as judged by repeat business or customer referrals.  I am happy to say that the Rosas provide great validation for BungoBox - Charlotte!


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