Choosing A Tampa Box Supplier For Your Next Move

admin July 29, 2013

There are many companies that offer a variety of moving supplies and boxes, all right here in Tampa. When moving your home or business, you want the best quality boxes and supplies at the lowest price. Although there are many options, none compare to the value you can get from BungoBox of Tampa. Box supplier stores usually only offer cardboard boxes that leave much to be desired. BungoBox is the premium source for high quality plastic moving boxes at the best possible price.


Why Choose BungoBox?

If you have ever had the opportunity to pack up a home or business into cardboard boxes, you know that it is a time consuming and frustrating process. The boxes and packing supplies first must be picked up and brought to moving site. Then they must be assembled, using the not-so-user-friendly tape gun and packing tape. The next step is trying to stack these bulging and deformed boxes without crushing the boxes on the bottom of the pile. After all the boxes are unpacked, then comes flattening them and disposing of them. It is a pain from start to finish.


The reasons to choose BungoBox are simple. This service is cheaper, easier and faster than buying cardboard boxes and these quality boxes protect your valuables in ways that no cardboard box can do. To start with, BungoBoxes are delivered to your move site, ready to go with no assembly required. This means no annoying packing tape or gun. The boxes are easy to load with lids that snap into place. They are easy to carry with handles on every box, unlike slippery cardboard. These boxes are designed to be stacked, making loading the moving van easy. They will resist crushing and repel water, keeping the items inside safe throughout the move. After all your boxes are unpacked, they are picked up at your new home or business location and taken away to be used by another mover. What a difference!


A Tampa Box Supplier That Saves You Money

One last but important reason to choose BungoBox to supply the boxes for your next move is that it costs less than buying cardboard boxes. On average, using dependable BungoBoxes can save up to 50% over buying the same amount of cardboard boxes and packing supplies. It can save you well over a hundred dollars when moving a four bedroom home and even more on larger moves. When it comes to affordability as well as quality, nobody beats BungoBox.


Next time you are preparing for a move, start your planning by visiting On the website you will find helpful tools to calculate how many boxes you will need as well as pricing on different moving packages. In addition to the regular BungoBoxes that come in two sizes, there are BungoWheels to make moving even easier as well as specialty boxes for wardrobes. Everything you need can be delivered to your home or business on the day you request. What could be easier than that?


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