Create Less Waste With Green Moving Boxes

admin July 26, 2013

To have less negative impact on the environment, it is important to think how everything we do impacts the world around us. Paper products that are used once and discarded use trees that are a precious part of our environment. It is very common for people to buy large quantities of cardboard boxes to move a home or business, just to throw away the used boxes when they are done. A better choice is to consider using green moving boxes that can be rented and used over and over.


What Are Green Moving Boxes?

BungoBox rents plastic moving boxes that are reusable, making them a healthier choice for the environment. These large boxes are sturdy, have closeable lids and stack easily, making them great for moving. The reason they are considered green moving boxes is that each box can be reused up to 400 times, unlike a cardboard box that may be used once or twice. Each BungoBox is thought to save up to 3,000 gallons of water, 40 gallons of gasoline and 2,000 kilowatt hours over its lifetime. That is a huge savings for the planet with just one box.


Are Green Moving Boxes More Expensive?

Actually, green moving boxes from BungoBox are not only affordable, they are much less expensive than buying cardboard boxes for a move. On average, renting these moving boxes can save 40-50% over buying cardboard boxes and the other needed supplies such as packing tape. In addition, since they are made of hard plastic, they can prevent damage to items being moved. Broken and damaged items from moving are a hidden cost that comes with using cardboard boxes. Some examples include:


  • Crushed items. Cardboard boxes can crush under pressure or weight, damaging fragile items that are packed inside. By using BungoBoxes, you can safely stack boxes, even heavy ones, without worry of crushing boxes below.
  • Dropped items. Boxes made of cardboard are taped together, making it easy for the bottom of the box to break open and drop items. Plastic moving boxes are sturdy and will not let items fall out and break.
  • Water damage. Cardboard does not protect against moisture, which can damage photos, files, books and expensive electronics. Hard plastic moving boxes can help keep these items safe from rain or spilled liquids.


There is also value in knowing that items are being safely transported, which green moving boxes can provide. They give solid protection to their cargo and are made to stack securely, one on top of another. This can make the entire move less stressful, less expensive and less taxing on the environment. What more can you ask for?


For your next move, make a better choice for both the environment and your wallet. Green moving boxes are available by contacting conveniently online for more information or by phone at 888.479.1888. Once you use these boxes for a move, you will never go back to cardboard and tape again.






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