Executive Profile: Tom Cannon

admin September 21, 2012

Published in Orlando Business Journal

By Anjali Fluker

Tom Cannon, co-founder and CEO, BungoBox Holdings Inc.

Tom Cannon likes to be part of the culture in Orlando that brings startup companies to town — considering his own firm was a startup just two years ago.

Cannon, 40, is co-founder and CEO of Casselberry-based reusable, interlocking plastic moving container company BungoBox Holdings Inc., which had nearly $1 million in 2011 revenue and is set to double that this year.

He started his firm in 2010 and has grown it to 17 locations in Florida, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, North Carolina, Texas and in Canada, adding franchisees in Connecticut and Virginia earlier this year. The firm is on pace to have nearly 25 sites by year’s end.

Cannon wants to share his secrets to success, so he helped organize an event called Startup Weekend Orlando earlier this year, which will hold its second event on Nov. 9. Additionally, he mentors three to five new entrepreneurs at a time and is a board member for Orlando Inc.

“We have to create new cool local companies that will create more jobs,” he said. “We have all the tools — it’s just a matter of getting companies to stay here and getting those with money to invest in them.”

Education: Bachelor’s in advertising, University of Florida; bachelor’s in history, University of Central Florida

First job: Rax Roast Beef

Little-known fact: I was a really bad student in high school. I signed up for the U.S. Navy a year before graduating and was overseas during the Desert Storm Operation.

Favorite distraction: Listening to Spotify

Business Philosophy
Basic philosophy: Live and let live.

How I grew business through a down economy: We used the franchise model. The current environment is ripe for people wanting to start their own businesses.

True Confessions
Best business decision: Choosing my current business partner Bob Cannon

Worst business decision: Choosing to work with friends

Goal I have yet to reach: Raising capital to grow faster

In a moment of weakness, I: Give my children whatever they want ... and enjoy a drink

If I could pick another job, I’d be a: History professor

My most annoying habit: I fall asleep on the couch every night, and I snack and get full while my wife is cooking dinner.

Favorite dish to cook: A good filet

A phrase I use too often: At the end of the day ...

Et Cetera
Pet peeves: Laziness and apathy

Favorite restaurant: Bonefish Grill

I’m reading: Rework

I’d like to visit: Ireland

On my iPod: U2, Coldplay and Dave Matthews Band

I’ve always wanted to learn: How to code

My dream ride: 911 Turbo

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