Get Packing, Tampa! Moving Boxes Are Now More Affordable

admin July 26, 2013

Moving boxes are often expensive and generally only used once. There is so much waste each time you have to move, especially when you use cardboard boxes to pack up your house or business. Many times, once the boxes are used, they end up in the trash, as well as all the packing materials, tape and other supplies needed to use them. However, there is now a less wasteful and more affordable option in Tampa. Moving boxes rented from BungoBox! They are a sustainable option to cardboard and a money saver when you need to move.


What Are BungoBoxes?

To put it simply, BungoBoxes are rented, plastic moving boxes. Tampa is home to one of the many locations of this newer moving supply service. The concept is simple. Instead of buying cardboard boxes each time you move, you can instead rent these durable boxes to pack your belongings. They come delivered to your home or business and are picked up after you have unpacked at your new location. This saves both time and money by not needing to hunt down cardboard boxes, put them together and then dispose of them when you are done.


In addition, by using these moving boxes, Tampa residents will get a better quality box for transporting their items at a lower cost. In general, BungoBoxes are 50% less expensive than buying the same amount of cardboard boxes for a move. This can be a very nice savings, especially on larger moves, saving an estimated $100 or more on a four-bedroom house move over the equivalent amount of cardboard boxes.


A Better Solution for Tampa, Moving Boxes That You Rent

Although saving money is great, it is not the best thing about using plastic moving boxes. Tampa movers will appreciate the value, but more importantly, the quality of these boxes when they move. Cardboard is notoriously unstable, tearing and crushing easily as well as disintegrating in water. The moving boxes that BungoBox rents are heavy plastic with tough lids that make them stable to stack. They are easy to carry, will not be crushed and can protect their contents from water damage. They make moving easier as well as more affordable.


Last, but not least, these moving boxes are a sustainable, greener option than cardboard boxes. It is estimated that each BungoBox is used up to 400 times, saving up to 400 cardboard boxes from entering landfills after they are used. By reusing these boxes, it can save up to 40 gallons of gasoline, 3,000 gallons of water and 2,000 kilowatt hours of energy for every BungoBox. When you add up the cost savings, quality and the green benefits, they are clearly the better option moving in Tampa. Moving boxes should help your move, not hinder it.


So the next time you need to get packing, give BungoBox a try and find out for yourself what a difference using this service can make. Go online to to check out their box options, including two regular box size options, wardrobes and even wheels to make the move easier as well as affordable.




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