Have You Tried Moving With Green Boxes, Connecticut?

admin July 26, 2013

Almost everyone has moved their home or business at one time or another and has used cardboard boxes to pack everything up for the move. It is a time consuming process, first buying the flattened boxes, taping them together and then packing them. They are hard to stack, hard to carry and are easily crushed in the move. Then after it is all done, you are left with dozens of used boxes that need to be disposed of. Many of these used boxes eventually end up in the trash, creating waste in landfills and a sad end to the trees that made them. However, there is now a new greener option for moving. Using green boxes, Connecticut residents can stop wasting cardboard every time they move.


What Is So “Green” About These Moving Boxes?

We all know that by reusing an item versus throwing a similar disposable item away, we reduce waste in our environment. A washcloth that can be used over and over again is a “greener” option then using paper towels that end up in the trash. The same is true of moving boxes. While cardboard boxes are used once or maybe twice, and usually end up in a landfill, plastic moving boxes get used many times, reducing waste. BungoBox offers a plastic moving box service where every box they rent is used up to 400 times, saving waste. That’s why they are referred to as “green boxes.” Connecticut residents can rent them, helping save the planet, as well as gaining many other personal benefits.


Benefits Of Green Boxes Connecticut Residents Will Appreciate

Going green is one thing. Saving green is another! Unfortunately, many “green” products and services seem to be more expensive then their less-green counterparts. However, this is not the case with green boxes. Connecticut movers will appreciate that these boxes are not only environmentally friendly, they also bring many other benefits as well, including saving money.


  • Easier to use. BungoBoxes are easier than cardboard in many ways. They are delivered to your door, ready to be packed. They are easier to carry, with sturdy handles. They also stack easily and steadily. Then, when the move is done, they are picked up at the new location. How easy is that?
  • More dependable. No more crushed boxes, bottoms breaking open or soggy box bottoms. Plastic moving boxes will not break or leak, keeping your valuable items safe and dry.
  • Less expensive. It may be hard to believe, but BungoBoxes are less expensive then buying equivalent amounts of cardboard boxes. Not by a dollar or two, but an average of 50% less! That can save a bundle on moving costs.


It is clear that the greener and ultimately better way of moving is with green boxes. Connecticut has a BungoBox location in Middletown, and there are many other locations across the country. You can learn more about this great service at Bungobox.com as well as get a quote on boxes for your next move.

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