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admin September 11, 2012

Clean the World began in 2009 with the simple goal of recycling soap from the hospitality industry to then place soap in the hands of children around the world. In three short years, it’s become a global, charitable foundation with over 1,500 North American hotel and resort partners, diverting 1.7 million pounds of used soap from landfills and distributing 11 million soap bars to people in 55 countries and the U.S.

Clean the world is a social enterprise committed to saving lives and protecting our planet. It’s changing history by stopping the spread of preventable diseases and by leading a global hygiene revolution. It’s creating a new future for children around the world by enabling simple hand washing which experts estimate can save up to 5,000 of the 9,000 children dying each day from hygiene-related diseases. 

Volunteers have helped drive our dramatic growth, but we’re challenged by the overwhelming response from our hotel partners. That’s why we need your help to raise $54,000 to purchase four machines that will automate the process and reduce the turnaround time for a truckload of recycled soap – 108,000 bars - from three weeks to three days. 

These machines will enable us to immediately process a backload of two million bars and deliver them to impoverished families around the world by this Christmas. Automation will also create jobs, keep more soap out of landfills and free our volunteers to build hygiene kits that go out to shelters, food kitchens and families in need across North America.  

Soap Saves Lives! Please help us recycle more soap and save even more lives! Thanks for supporting Clean the World!

All rewards are cumulative as levels increase. Digital rewards, other than the Platinum Donor Page, will be sent out as gifts are received. All other rewards will be sent at the end of the 75 day campaign.

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