Local retirees find ways to stay active in community

admin May 23, 2012

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by DAYVEE SUTTON / Charlotte Today There seems to be a growing trend of retirees who don’t really retire.


Jim Amendum, 66, is the former Associate Superintendent for Cabarrus County Schools who retired at the end of 2011.

Almost immediately after, he purchased the franchise Bungo Box.  Bungo Box rents plastic moving crates as an alternative to using cardboard boxes. Amendum said he thought of starting his own business while still working as an educator.


 Amendum is not alone. Pete Nash, 66, owns sports Clips in South Park. Both men said they know the importance of staying active to staying both physically and mentally vital. Nash also says he likes the idea of being his own boss.
Chris Hobart, president of Hobart Financial Group, says there is a growing number of Baby Boomers who are changing the definition of retirement. Hobart attributes that mostly to the economy. He said Baby Boomers are living longer than their parents did, so they need to generate more income for their lifestyles. 
Nash says he is living the best of both worlds. He works at most 15 hours a week, and still makes time to go to the beach regularly.
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