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admin July 29, 2013

It can be nerve racking to move your home or business, wondering if your all your items will get from one place to the next in one piece. Anyone who has packed using cardboard boxes knows that they can easily be ruined during the move, putting everything inside at risk in the process. For your next move, consider high quality packing options that are available here in Tampa. Moving materials rented from BungoBox can keep your valuables safe and even save you money.


BungoBox Has The Best Tampa Moving Materials

Moving is a stressful time so anything that can reduce the time and energy needed to move is worth looking into. BungoBox is a moving box rental company designed around helping make every move easier, less expensive and less stressful. There are several benefits to using these high quality boxes in your next move, including:


  • Sturdy construction. Each BungoBox is made with strong plastic that keeps all your items safe and secure. The sides, bottom and lids are all made to withstand stacking, making it easier to load your transport vehicle and reduce the space needed. Unlike cardboard, they will not bend or collapse when stacked.
  • Moisture proof. Another benefit to plastic moving boxes is that they do not allow water to seep into the box and ruin computers and other electronic devices. This also helps keep paper documents safe from water damage as well as treasured photographs.
  • Easy to carry. BungoBoxes are equipped with handles to make it easier to carry them throughout the move. Cardboard boxes are notoriously difficult to carry and have no way to grip them easily.
  • Less expensive. Even though BungoBoxes are a higher quality product, they are also much less expensive. It can save up to 50% or more on your boxes during your move in Tampa. Moving materials made of cardboard can cost almost double.
  • Save trees. BungoBoxes are also a greener option than cardboard boxes, reducing the use of trees and the waste of used cardboard boxes that end up in landfills. Each BungoBox can be used up to 400 times and as we all know, reusing is recycling.
  • Save time. All BungoBoxes are delivered to the move site, reducing the time spent collecting boxes and supplies. Once the move is finished and the boxes are unpacked, they are conveniently pick up at the new location. This saves time that can be better spent on completing the move.


All in all, there are plenty of great reasons to rent from BungoBox for your next move. When you take in consideration the time and money that is saved combined with all the other benefits, it is hard to come up with a reason not to use them to securely pack your belongings. To find out more about BungoBox and how to schedule your delivery, go to Bungobox.com to see information on pricing and scheduling your reservation. Once you experience the quality and convenience of BungoBox, you will never use cardboard boxes for a move again. 

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