Looking For Moving Supplies? Austin Now Has BungoBox!

admin July 29, 2013


When most people think of moving supplies, the first thing that comes to mind is cardboard boxes and all the other stuff that goes with them: Packing tape, packing peanuts and a tape gun, just to get started. All this can add up to hundreds of dollars, especially on a large move. However, there is a better way to pack up a home or office, saving both time and money. For those looking for moving supplies, Austin residents can call BungoBox and rent better quality moving boxes for less!


The Ultimate In Moving Boxes

Cardboard is great for a lot of uses. It makes an excellent food container, makes great gift boxes and is fabulous for starting a roaring campfire. However, it is not the best material to haul your valuables. Ever move using cardboard boxes? The tops bulge, the sides bend and any moisture goes right through them. They are difficult to stack and hard to carry. Not your ideal moving boxes.


Now plastic, there's a material meant for moving. Tough, flat and waterproof, everything you need to make great moving boxes. BungoBox took this idea and ran with it, creating the ultimate moving box that is durable, stackable and easy to carry with built in handles. In addition, no more shopping for moving supplies. Austin residents can have these great boxes delivered right to their door, no packing tape required!


How Does BungoBox Work?

The idea behind BungoBox is to eliminate the need to buy and dispose of cardboard boxes each time you move by giving you an opportunity to rent better quality boxes for less money. BungoBox designed their boxes out of hard plastic, made to stack easily and protect their contents during the move. In addition, the folks at BungoBox also made it less expensive to rent their product then to buy the same amount of cardboard boxes, up to 50% less expensive. Here how it works.


  • Choose the boxes. When ready to get their moving supplies, Austin residents call BungoBox or go online to choose the amount of boxes they need and the time frame when they need them.
  • Boxes are delivered. On the date requested, BungoBoxes are delivered directly to the first location.
  • Boxes are picked up. After the boxes are unpacked, they are picked up at the second location. It is really that simple.


The convenience and price of BungoBox cannot be beat. No more time spent shopping for and picking up moving supplies. Austin now has BungoBox to deliver high quality box and packing materials right to their door and pick them up when they are done. It has never been easier or less expensive to get packing!


The way to pack and move is changing. Instead of running around picking up moving supplies, Austin residents can just visit Bungobox.com and schedule their moving boxes and supplies to be delivered right to their home or business. Save time and money on your next move by giving BungoBox a try.





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