Moving Guru - Cures "tequila hangover" of new home ownership.

admin September 26, 2011

I realize that the iPad contest has long since passed and I am about as far from Canada as one can get in this country without getting their feet wet, however I wanted to ‘put it out there’ just how fine an experience I recently had with the local BungoBox group here in Orlando…

It had been 10 years since I last moved and that experience was enough to put off the prospect of a repeat performance for several decades … expensive, false promises, delivery delayed for more than a week, crushed cardboard boxes, etc … just an all around bad experience … call it ‘the tequila hangover of new home ownership’, if you will. 

In almost all aspects, I did not want the same experience this go around.  I heard about BungoBox, the concept made sense, so I called them up.  I found professionalism and helpful advice from the get go.  Ward became my ‘moving guru’ … we discussed my needs, my timetable (it was a bit unusual) and my budget.  It was effortless; although I was not able to convince him that he should drop by to pack all my stuff … I was going for Sherpa, but guru worked out just fine.

Even when my timetable for my move-in changed, the Orlando BungoBox team was at the top of their game and worked with me, leaving the stress behind.  If anyone deserves a new iPad for a job well done, my vote goes to Ward and the Orlando BungoBox folks.




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