Moving in Austin? Green Boxes Are the Green Choice!

admin July 26, 2013

If you are looking for environmentally friendly methods to do your next move, one way you can save trees and reduce waste in landfills is to use reusable green boxes to pack up your belongings. Renting plastic moving boxes is a great way to not only reduce waste, it is also a safer way to transport your items and even more cost effective. BungoBox is your local place to find environmentally friendly moving boxes in Austin, green boxes that will help you make your move.


Better For You And The Environment in Austin – Green Boxes

Using the old standby of cardboard boxes can cost you and the environment plenty. They are more expensive to buy, require time to put together, need packing tape and are less durable than their plastic counterparts. In addition, when the move is done, cardboard boxes often find their way into over-flowing landfills while more trees are cut done to make more.


Plastic moving boxes are reused over and over again and are the preferred choice of professional movers in Austin. Green boxes offered by BungoBox are constructed of sturdy plastic that will be used for years by many customers. Reusing is recycling and is a better option for keeping excess waste out of the landfills.


Additional Benefits Of Green Boxes

While reducing waste is great, there are other reasons and benefits to choosing plastic moving boxes. These reusable boxes can save more than the planet, they can also save time and money in several ways.


  • Ready to go. BungoBoxes come ready to go with no packing tape or assembly needed. This saves precious time during the long moving process and even saves a little money on tape.
  • Stackable. Hard plastic tops, bottoms and sides make these moving boxes easy to stack. Unlike cardboard that will buckle under a heavier box, these plastic boxes can handle the weight.
  • Compact. BungoBoxes come in two convenient sizes that stack nicely and take up less room. This can save on the size of moving van needed, potentially saving you even more cash.
  • Durable. How many items have been broken over the years by collapsing cardboard boxes? Fragile items are much safer within the confines of a plastic moving box.
  • Affordable. Unbelievably, with all the benefits to green boxes, they are much less expensive then buying cardboard boxes. On average, Bungo Boxes cost about 40-50% less to rent than their flimsy cardboard competitors cost to buy.


Other nice benefit to renting these moving boxes is that once the move is done and you have unpacked, all you have to do is give BungoBox a call and they will come pick them up. You wont have to spend an hour breaking down cardboard boxes and finding somewhere to get rid of them. Yet another way green boxes save on time and money.


Whether you are moving to a new home or are moving a business or office, go green on your next move in Austin. Green boxes can be easily ordered by going online to and checking out their selection of great plastic moving boxes and supplies for your next move. 

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