Moving in Connecticut? Moving Bins Are a Great Value!

admin July 29, 2013

Moving is always expensive, between packing supplies and the cost of moving everything from one place to the other, money can add up fast. For decades the most common container used for packing up smaller items has been cardboard boxes. However, buying dozens of boxes along with the packing materials can cost a small fortune, especially when most of these boxes end up in the trash after the move. A better option has come to Connecticut – moving bins that can be rented for about half the cost of buying cardboard boxes.


Why BungoBoxes Are Such a Great Value

The new way to pack is to use rented plastic containers from BungoBox. These durable moving bins are designed to make moving easier as well as affordable. The bins are created in two sizes that have lids that snap into place. The hard plastic keeps items inside safe and dry in a way that no cardboard box can do. All that being said, one of the best parts is the money that can save be saved.


BungoBox Connecticut moving bins are a great value because they are reusable, making them much more affordable than a cardboard box that is only used once. Each box can be reused hundreds of times, which gives the company the ability to rent them for less then the cost of the flimsy cardboard equivalent. In most cases, BungoBoxes will cost about 50% less then the alternative cardboard boxes from standard moving outlets that sell packing supplies.


In addition to being a great value in cost, these handy bins also save time during a move as well. BungoBoxes are conveniently delivered to the move site so no one needs to run around, wasting time and gas, picking up moving supplies. They come assembled, so there is no need to waste time putting them together like cardboard boxes. Then, once the bins are all unpacked, they are picked up and taken away. This saves a large amount of time during the moving process, which is always in short supply.


Green Packing Options in Connecticut: Moving Bins

Since BungoBox moving bins are used over and over, they are also the green choice for movers. Each BungoBox is used around 400 times, saving water, gasoline and energy. It is estimated that each box will save 40 gallons of gas, potentially 3,000 gallons of water and up to 2,000 Kilowatts of energy during its lifetime. That is a large savings for just one moving bin!


Everyone wants to save money, time and help the environment. BungoBoxes make this easy to do, offering residents in Connecticut moving bins that can be rented quickly at a low cost while being eco-friendly. To find out how much this service can save during a move, go on to to see the  BungoBox vs. cardboard comparison. Reservations can be made right on the website or by calling 888. 479.1888 to talk to one of their helpful representatives.



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