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admin July 29, 2013


Stop wasting time and money on packing your home or office into cardboard boxes, just to throw them away after your done. Instead, when planning your next move, rent boxes. Connecticut residents now have the convenience of using BungoBox, a moving box rental company that is sweeping the nation. The concept is simple: Provide better packing boxes, for less money, in an environmentally friendly way.


Durability For Rent: Boxes Connecticut Movers Can Count On

Nothing is more frustrating then spending time and money to pack up your belongings carefully into a cardboard box, just to find it crushed when you go to unpack. Cardboard is just not made to withstand the arduous journey that packing boxes must make. They bend, rip and collapse when stacked and are useless in rainy weather. If you want a packing box that is durable, you need to rent a BungoBox.


BungoBoxes are made for moving, plain and simple. They are designed specifically to hold up during all aspects of the move. Parts of their design that make them perfect for moving include:


  • Durable plastic. Hard plastic containers and lids make perfect storage for any of your items during a move, especially fragile items or expensive electronics. The plastic is tough enough to hold up to getting wet, dropped and jostled around in the move.
  • Built in handles. How many cardboard boxes have slipped out of someone's hands to smash against the ground? BungoBoxes have built in handles to make them easier to move and carry without being dropped.
  • Made to stack. Both when full and empty, these boxes are meant to stack. When empty, they stack one inside another to save room, both before and after packing. When full, their sturdy lids make stacking easy and compact.


Save Money, Save The Planet. Rent Boxes, Connecticut!

The environmentally friendly choice is not always the less expensive choice, however, in this case they coincide. Each BungoBox is used hundreds of times, versus cardboard boxes that are only used once or twice. While reusing plastic boxes saves trees and keeps waste out of the landfills, when those boxes come from BungoBox, it can also save you money. When they rent boxes, Connecticut residents can save up to 50% over buying cardboard for their packing needs. It is refreshing to be able to do something that is both good for the planet and good for your wallet at the same time.


One last great thing about BungoBoxes is that they are both delivered and picked up, making saving money even easier. There is no time wasted picking up the boxes or bringing them back, it is all taken care of for you. All you need to do is go on to check out their moving box options, including price saving packages and tools to help you decide what supplies you will need. You can schedule your delivery right on the website, making it simple and easy, from start to finish. Don't waste any move time or m

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