New Triangle store aims to replace the cardboard moving box

admin December 31, 2012

Published in the News & Observer by staff writers Amy Rue, Andrea Weigl and David Bracken

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After working in wealth management and financial planning for the past 14 years, Raleigh resident Penn Nugent pined to do something a bit more entrepreneurial.

What he settled on is a franchising opportunity that aims to make the use of cardboard boxes in the moving process a thing of the past. On Jan. 14, Nugent will open the Triangle’s first BungoBox store, which allows businesses, families and individuals to rent plastic moving boxes. (The company’s slogan is “We Make Moving Less Sucky.”)

BungoBox will rent you a large plastic box of about 2.5 cubic feet for $1.75 a week, and will deliver all the boxes you need for your move to your doorstep. The company also rents a larger box that can hold about 4 cubic feet.

“The model is simple: We deliver them to your home or business for free,” said Nugent, 40. “When you’re done and you’re unpacked, we come and pick them up for free from your new location.”

He estimates using BungoBox costs about 50 percent less than buying cardboard boxes. And BungoBox’s rentals come with attached lids, and the boxes can be stacked and placed on rollers.

“Imagine just the labor involved to have your employees build and tape boxes,” Nugent said. “You’re saving time and cost.”

Nugent’s store will be BungoBox’s 20th nationwide. There’s already a store in Charlotte. Although Nugent expects most of his business to come from those moving within the Triangle, BungoBox can supply boxes if a customer is relocating to another market that has a store.

Nugent’s BungoBox store will be in Raleigh’s Brier Creek area at 7424 ACC Blvd.

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