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admin April 25, 2012

Published in ForwardFlorida magazine

Metro Orlando businessmen Tom and Bob Cannon, cousins and cofounders of BungoBox, were featured on Bloomberg TV last month during an episode of The Mentor. BungoBox is a Casselberry-based company that rents plastic, reusable bins as an alternative to cardboard. The show, available in more than 310 million homes worldwide, gives budding entrepreneurs the chance to gain expert guidance from top CEOs. During the episode, CEO Mark Lore, who sold for $570 million, gave Tom and Bob Cannon advice on how to scale their innovative business. While noting that BungoBox is a "4-hundred-million-dollar-a-year buisness in boxes," Lore reminds them that "investors are going to own a larger percentage of the company that you guys will."

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