Packing Solutions in Austin: Moving Box Rentals

admin July 26, 2013


Every once in awhile a great idea comes along and you have to wonder, “Why didn't I think of that?”. Anyone who has moved and used a pile of folded cardboard boxes to pack know that they are not ideal for moving. They are flimsy, need to be both assembled and disassembled, need to be disposed of and do not stack well for moving. Plus, they can be clumsy to handle. Yet, for many decades this is how most people and even moving companies pack up belongings for a move. Then came the brilliant idea to make sustainable boxes that are easier and more durable for moving. Now this option is available in Austin. Moving box rentals are changing the way people pack and move.


No More Cardboard Waste

Everyone uses cardboard in one form or another. Most things we buy from breakfast cereal to computers come in cardboard boxes. However, although many people try to be environmentally conscious and recycle, much of this cardboard still ends up clogging up landfills. Cardboard that is disposed of instead of recycled then needs to be replaced by cutting down trees and creating more. It is a viscous cycle that is harmful to the environment.


It is time to wake up, Austin! Moving box options are now available that are better for the environment and create less waste. BungoBox offers plastic moving boxes that are rented to replace the use of large amounts of cardboard for packing. These boxes are used hundreds of times instead of once or twice like a cardboard box. They also provide a better overall solution for packing and moving.


Moving in Austin? Moving Box Rentals Have Many Benefits

So we have determined BungoBoxes are better for the environment, but are they really a better solution for packing? Yes, they are. There are several benefits beyond being a green option.


  • Durable. Plastic moving boxes can handle the stress of being lifted, stacked and transported better than cardboard. They will not crush when stacked under a heavier box and will not fall apart when exposed to liquid.
  • Easy. No assembly is required and no one needs to haul them back from the store or dispose of them when they are done moving. BungoBoxes are delivered to the home or business and picked up once they are emptied at the new location.
  • Affordable. It is hard to believe but BungoBoxes are quite a bit less expensive then cardboard. That's right, Austin. Moving box rentals can save 50% on moving costs over cardboard yet are the better solution for the move, the earth and for you.


It is hard to find fault with this new idea in packing solutions. Rarely do you find a new option that really is less expensive, easier and good for the environment. The next time you are preparing for a move, take the time to go to and check out their service. Once you see the value that these moving box rentals offer, you will never pack using cardboard again.



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