Plastic Moving Boxes Make Packing Easier

admin July 26, 2013

Whether you are moving your business to a new location or moving your family to a new home, coordinating a move is time consuming. When you decide to do the packing yourself to save money, even getting the right boxes for the move can be frustrating and expensive. While many people have used cardboard boxes to pack up their office or home in the past there are more convenient options available. Renting plastic moving boxes can not only make packing easier, it can also save time, money and offer a “greener” solution.


A More Durable Container

Plastic moving boxes offer a durable solution to packing all your important items. One of the downfalls of cardboard boxes is that they are not meant to last. They are held together with tape and are vulnerable to any kind of liquid. Put a cardboard box down on a wet surface and you will most likely have the contents fall out of the bottom when you try and lift the box. With plastic boxes, you know that everything is safe and dry inside the container. This can protect all paper items and electronics from accidentally getting exposure to water or moisture.


Another benefit of durable plastic moving boxes is that they are meant to be stacked. The boxes that are rented through BungoBox come in two sizes that are conveniently made to stack on top of each other. Their hard tops, sides and bottoms stand up to heavier weights and will not collapse as a cardboard box would when under a heavier box. This makes moving easier, taking up less space in the moving van or vehicle, all the while protecting items from damage.


Easy Delivery And Pick Up

Another benefit to using plastic moving boxes from BungoBox is that no time is wasted picking up and putting together cardboard boxes. These handy boxes are delivered on the day you request, ready to be packed full of your belongings. When empty, they stack one inside the other, taking up little space. Once the move is complete and the boxes are empty again, they are picked up from the new location, saving more time and effort for you.


Easy And Affordable

Not only are plastic moving boxes a way to make packing and moving easier, they are sustainable and affordable. Each BungoBox is reused up to 400 times, saving on the waste of disposable boxes. In addition, they are less expensive than buying cardboard boxes for a move. You can save an average of 50% on moving costs by using BungoBox instead of cardboard. So unless you enjoy spending more time and money on your move, while creating waste in the environment, there is no reason not to choose BungoBox for your next move.


When you begin planning your move, start by checking out what has to offer on their website. They can help you determine how many boxes you will need and offer great tips to make your move go smoothly. Just fill out the online application or call to order your boxes at 888-479-1888. You’ll be on your way to the easier way to pack and move.




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