Rent Moving Boxes and Save!

admin July 29, 2013

Most people have moved at least once in their life using cardboard boxes to pack their items. Even large moving companies often use cardboard to pack up entire homes or businesses from one place to the next. However, just because it is the way it has always been done does not mean it is the best option. For your next move, take the time to consider why you should rent moving boxes versus using old -fashioned cardboard boxes.


Save Time By Renting Moving Boxes

Moving is time consuming enough without the added frustration of needing to assemble cardboard boxes. Then, once the move is completed, all those boxes need to be taken apart and disposed of, taking up even more time. BungoBoxes are sturdy plastic boxes that are delivered ready to go, no sticky packing tape needed! Once you finish your move, they are picked up and taken away, easy as that.


Save Space With Stackable BungoBoxes

Another reason to rent moving boxes from BungoBox is to save space. To start with, BungoBoxes stack nicely together when empty, taking up little space before and after your move. Another way they save space is during the moving process. Cardboard boxes are notoriously difficult to stack, with weak tops and sides for support. This often means you cannot stack them very high, wasting space in your moving vehicle. On the other hand, BungoBoxes are made with sturdy plastic that are made to stack together. Their heavy-duty sides and lids allow you to stack several without the crushing or toppling that occurs with cardboard boxes.


Save On Waste When You Rent Moving Boxes

Everyone wants to do their part to reduce waste in the environment. When you rent moving boxes versus buying cardboard, you can help reduce waste in landfills. Each BungoBox is used over and over again, an estimated 400 times per box. This can save hundreds of cardboard boxes that would end up in landfills, wasting trees and precious natural resources.


Save Money When You Rent Moving Boxes

Who doesn't want to save money, especially when moving? One of the biggest reasons people choose to rent moving boxes is to save money over buying cardboard. Bung Boxes are less expensive to rent than the same amount of cardboard boxes and needed packing materials are to buy. We are not talking pennies or even a few bucks here. Most people can save up to 50% off their moving boxes by renting BungoBoxes instead of buying cardboard. That is a generous savings at a time when people need it the most.


When it comes down to it, their really is no good reason not to rent moving boxes for your next move. Whether you are moving your business, your office or your home, check out the options available on There are convenient price comparisons and a variety of packing solutions for every moving need on the website, as well as customer service representatives standing by to answer any questions you have. Once you experience the savings of time, space and money that BungoBoxes offer, you will never move using cardboard again.



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