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admin July 29, 2013

Moving is expensive, there is just no way around it. Even if you choose to haul your items yourself, there is still the expense of gas, boxes and packing materials on top of the expense of your time. However, one way to save money is to reduce the cost of your moving boxes and packing supplies by renting sturdy plastic boxes through BungoBox. This greener option can eliminate the need for packing tape and reduce need of other supplies as well, all saving money off your moving bill.


What Are Bungo Boxes?

There is now a better and less expensive way to pack up your home or office then cardboard boxes. Bungo Boxes are sturdy plastic boxes that are rented for your move. These boxes are not only less expensive and require less packing materials, they offer many other benefits as well. Some of the benefits of renting these great boxes over buying cardboard include:


  • Protect your stuff. BungoBoxes are made of hard plastic that protects your items from being crushed or getting wet during the move. No more collapsed cardboard boxes or soggy bottoms that give out when you pick them up.
  • Stack 'em high. One of the great things about these rented boxes is that they are designed to stack on top of each other. Each box has a snap-in-place lid that supports the boxes that are put on top of it.
  • Go green. Each BungoBox is used almost 400 times in its lifetime, reducing the waste of many cardboard boxes that would have found their way into landfills.
  • No tape. BungoBoxes come ready to go, no assembly required. This eliminates the need for rolls upon rolls of tape as well as reduces the frustrating time spent building and breaking down boxes.
  • Delivery and pickup. No more hunting down boxes and hauling them to your move site, just to need to find somewhere to get rid of them when you are done. BungoBoxes are delivered to your home or business and then conveniently pick up at your new location once you are done.


All This For Less Money

It may be hard to believe, but with all that BungoBoxes have to offer, they are actually less expensive then buying cardboard and all the associated packing materials that go with them. In fact, on average you can save up to 50% by renting these great boxes over buying the comparable amount of cardboard boxes. You save not only on the cost of the boxes, but also in time and gas money that would be needed to buy the boxes in the first place.


The next time you need to move your home or office, save yourself time and money by scheduling a BungoBox delivery. Once you experience the ease of using these hefty moving boxes over flimsy cardboard boxes as well as enjoy the extra money left in your wallet, you will never go back! Don't waste any more time or money on old packing materials. Check out the pricing and savings online at 

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