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admin July 26, 2013

There is no doubt about it; moving is expensive. Whether you are moving across town or across the state, moving can be extremely costly. Many people choose to pack their belongings themselves to save money. However, even the boxes needed to move can add up to a pretty penny. On your next move, there is a better option than buying cardboard boxes. Here in Connecticut, plastic moving box rental is available from BungoBox, offering an affordable packing box solution.


Cardboard Boxes Are Unreliable

If you have ever moved using cardboard boxes, you know how unreliable they can be. They must be put together with packing tape, often give you paper cuts. They are impossible to stack safely and quickly become useless when exposed to any liquid. On top of all of that, heavy items can easily break through their seams. Many cardboard boxes have been known to fall apart in the middle of the move. All this wastes time and can put your belongings in danger of being damaged while packing or during the move.


How Plastic Moving Boxes Can Save Time And Money

Luckily, in Connecticut, plastic moving box rental is available to get away from the nuisance of cardboard boxes. BungoBox offers sturdy, plastic moving boxes that will save time and money on your next move. Some of the benefits include:


  • Convenience. Plastic moving boxes are already assembled and ready to go when you get them. Just load your items in and close the top. No more need for packing tape or painful paper cuts!
  • Stack away. The boxes come in two sizes that stack nicely. In addition, the durable plastic will not collapse under weight like cardboard. They can take up less space and reduce the amount of truck space or trips needed for your move.
  • Go green. BungoBoxes are a greener option. They are used over and over, reducing the use of trees for making cardboard boxes and added waste in landfills.
  • Save green. Want to save money on your next move in Connecticut? Plastic moving box rental is a fraction of the cost of buying cardboard. BungoBox saves movers close to 50% over cardboard box costs.
  • Quick clean up. One more frustrating aspect of cardboard boxes is what to do with them after the move. They must be broken down, even cut if recycling, adding more time to an exhausting move. BungoBoxes are picked up after you unpack at your new location, saving time and money once again.


So the next time you need to move your household or office in Connecticut, plastic moving box rental is the way to go to save on time and money. You can check out the website at to see pricing and size options as well as get a quote. Once you move with plastic moving boxes and experience how convenient and affordable they are, you will never go back to flimsy cardboard!








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