Seminole Voice: BungoBox Offers an Eco-Friendly Move

admin November 10, 2010

Published Nov. 12, 2010 in the Seminole Voice

Tom and Bob Cannon, owners of BungoBox, offer customers an easier, eco-friendly way to move. By Kristy Vickery Guest Reporter Gaby Aparicio knows the stress of moving very well — she has moved nine times in 15 years.

But after moving so many times, she has finally discovered a simpler way of doing it with the help of a new company called BungoBox. "It was a great experience, and I thought it was the smartest choice because of the fact there was no waste and it was cheaper," Aparicio said. "I didn't have to buy cardboard boxes and go through the hassle of picking them up and what was I going to do afterwards with the boxes?"

BungoBox is a company that was launched this past March, to offer an eco-friendly, cost effective move. BungoBoxes are durable, stackable, sustainable plastic containers made out of 100 percent recyclable materials that can are delivered before a move and picked up after one.

Aparicio said the moving process this time around was not only much more organized, but environmentally safe. "I'm totally about going as green as possible," Aparicio said. "I didn't have to worry about returning the boxes or getting rid of them," she said.

According to the BungoBoxes' website, cardboard accounts for 41 percent of landfills in the U.S. alone, and of that paper and cardboard, only 25 percent of it gets recycled.

BungoBox owner Tom Cannon said that although being green was a major factor, there were still other key drivers he needed to consider.

"Although being green was a good factor, it was really just the icing on the cake… it wasn't the number one driver; it was really the convenience and cost," Tom said. "Because even if we were green but more expensive, some people would have chosen not to work with us."

He also said because there is a lot of frustration during a move process, he wanted to make the process as organized and cost effective as he could for customers.

"We wanted to make it a little more fun and less stressful, so we decided to build a national brand," Tom said. "And since then the service has just really taken off in Central Florida."

Bob Cannon, co-owner of BungoBox, said customers were blown-away by the idea.

"It's such an innovative idea, I had to be part of it," Bob said. "I thought this company had all the right principles, eco-friendly, sustainable, reusable and affordable; it hit on all the core values that could help people."

He also said that cardboard boxes are going to soon be a thing of the past.

"Within five years from now, I think cardboard will be obsolete," Bob said. "I think you'll just wake up one day and they won't be around anymore; it's like a paradigm shift, the way people are going to move."

Looking for cardboard boxes can also be an annoyance for some when time is limited.

"I have to buy all the packing tape and try to find them (cardboard boxes), which just became a hassle," Aparicio said.

BungoBox is hoping they can help offer their consumers a more efficient way of moving, while having less impact on the planet.

"You can get 400 uses out of a BungoBox, and there's no chance a BungoBox will end up at a landfill," Bob said. "It's so brilliant, so simple and so necessary — the easiest decision people will ever make."

Learn more To order BungoBoxes or for more information on their services, call 888-479-1888 or visit

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