Sixteen Moves in a Liftetime Adds Up

admin October 01, 2014

The average U.S. resident will move a total of 16 times over their lifetime, about once every 5 years. The average number of moving boxes used is 50. This means that on average, each person uses around 800 moving boxes over the course of their life (some higher and some lower depending on the size of their home).

In the past 100 years, people have tried to come up with solutions and nothing has been as practical or useful in protecting valuables and the environment as plastic moving boxes.  If everyone used them, our landfills would be much cleaner, our planet healthier and our moves would be much more cost effective and efficient.  BungoBox provides these boxes in a variety of sizes, including garment boxes. Save time, save money, save the environment. Rent BungoBoxes for your next move – residential or commercial!

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