Stop Buying Cardboard Boxes - Rent Moving Containers

admin July 29, 2013

There is an entire industry built around cardboard moving boxes. Not only do you need to pick up and buy the boxes, you need to buy the packing tape to put them together and also the box knives to take them apart. All of this just so you can have the pleasure of disposing of them when you are done. There is a better way to pack up your belongings-rent moving containers instead.


Can You Really Rent Moving Containers?

To put it simply, yes you can. The time for wasting money on cardboard boxes for moving has past. There is a better, more efficient and even less expensive way to pack for a move, by using Bungo Box. This service offers a great alternative to disposable boxes that are far inferior to the moving boxes that can be rented for a fraction of the cost.


Benefits Of Using BungoBox

Regardless whether you moving a small apartment or a large business, there are many benefits to choosing to rent moving containers from BungoBox. These rented containers are hard plastic, specifically made to make moving easy and convenient. Anyone who has spent a day taping cardboard boxes together for a move knows how tedious and frustrating this process can be. In addition, the finished product is flimsy and unreliable, difficult to stack and susceptible to moisture. However, BungoBoxes offer just the opposite:


  • Durability. Plastic is the perfect moving box material. It protects your belongings from being crushed. It repels moisture and allows for easy stacking.
  • No assembly required. Stop wasting time struggling with packing tape and cardboard, getting sticky and bloody trying to get those silly boxes together. BungoBoxes come ready to go, just fill and snap on their tough lids.
  • Carry, stack and go! BungoBoxes have convenient handles, making them easy to carry compared to slick cardboard. They are made to stack and stay stacked during the trip.
  • Rain or shine. No need to wait for a sunny day to move. When you rent moving containers from BungoBox, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your valuables will be kept dry. No more soggy boxes or ruined electronics.


Is It Really Cheaper To Rent Moving Containers?

Surprisingly, yes! It may seem outrageous that it is actually cheaper to use BungoBox then buy cardboard, yet that is the truth. In most cases you will save about 50% by renting these dependable boxes versus buying the same amount of cardboard boxes and the needed packing materials. In addition, BungoBoxes are delivered to your door before the move and picked up after, saving even more time and money on your move.


So the next time you are preparing for a move, skip the cardboard hassle and give BungoBox a try. The convenience alone is worth the switch, however, the extra cash you have left over will definitely make an impression. Go online to to check out the potential savings or to rent moving containers. You will be glad you did!

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