Stop Wasting Time And Money! Use Tampa Moving Box Rentals

admin July 26, 2013

Anyone who has moved their home or business using cardboard boxes knows how much time is wasted putting them together and then breaking them back down again. In addition, they are expensive to buy and many end up in the trash after the move, creating more waste in landfills. There is a better way to pack your belongings and create less waste. For your next move in Tampa, moving box rentals through BungoBox can save you time and money, as well as be healthier for the environment.


Cut Out Cardboard Boxes

Ever pack up your treasures in a cardboard box just to have the bottom give out and spill your items on the ground? It happens all the time, along with all the other hassles involved with flimsy cardboard moving boxes that just do not hold up to the task. Maybe these sound familiar:


  • Soggy wet boxes. A little rain or a spill turns your box into a soggy mess that falls apart. Electronics, photos, books and other items get wet and ruined.
  • Engineering the boxes. How much time is spent fighting with packing tape to put the boxes together? Few who have spent time putting these boxes together have avoided cutting themselves on either the sharp tape cutter or just on the box edges.
  • Squished boxes. Heavy boxes get stacked on lighter boxes, squishing the box and everything inside. Cardboard wasn’t meant for carrying weight.
  • Throwing money away. After spending a small fortune to buy the boxes, they then need to be disposed of, adding to their expense and our overflowing landfills.


Tampa Moving Box Rentals Are The Answer!

If you are fed up with the waste that cardboard boxes produce, then it is time to consider a better alternative. Tampa moving box rentals through BungoBox can save you money as well as perform better and create less waste. They are made of sturdy plastic which protects your valuables, and they also stack uniformly. Here is how it works:


  • Choose and order your boxes. BungoBoxes come in two sizes, large and extra large. The convenient products page on the BungoBox website can help you figure out how many you need. They also have handy wheel accessories and wardrobe boxes as well.
  • Your boxes are delivered. The boxes are conveniently delivered to your home or business, stacked so as not to take up too much room. You receive them all at once, and they are ready to be filled with your belongings.
  • Your boxes are picked up. After your move, once the boxes are emptied they are then picked up at the new location. No muss, no fuss! You unpack and you’re done!


In addition to the higher quality box and convenient service, BungoBoxes are actually less expensive then buying equivalent cardboard boxes. The difference in price is usually between 40 to 50%, saving a nice amount of money on your move.


The next time you are moving in Tampa, moving box rentals through BungoBox is the way to go. You can look at their website at to see size options and even start the ordering process. Once you use these handy rental boxes, you will never go back to cardboard! 

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