Tips for Choosing The Right Moving Boxes

admin July 26, 2013

Getting ready to move your home or office is never a fun job for anyone, and packing is definitely one of the most dreaded chores. Not only is it time consuming, you must also make sure that everything you pack is safe and secure enough to make it to the new location. Choosing the right moving boxes can make the process go smoother, giving you the peace of mind that everything will survive the trip.


Material Makes A Difference

Choosing the right moving boxes to make the journey means choosing the right size and boxes made of the right material. Although cardboard has long been thought a safe way to box up moving items, it is not necessarily the best option. Plastic is much more durable and can offer many benefits over cardboard.


  • Crush protection. When carrying, stacking and transporting cardboard boxes, it is easy for cardboard boxes to get crushed during the process. Plastic offers a more sturdy construction to prevent crushing and to protect the items packed inside.
  • Moisture protection. Water is cardboard's natural enemy, and it does not take much water or moisture to make a cardboard box fall apart. Many cardboard boxes have had their bottoms give out during a move or allowed moisture to ruin the contents inside. Plastic is unaffected by water and perfect for protecting electronics, important papers and other valuable contents from moisture.
  • Environment protection. Plastic is environmentally friendly? You bet it is! Plastic moving boxes are used over and over. Re-use of plastic moving boxes saves on trees used to make cardboard that is often thrown away after the move.
  • Save time. Cardboard boxes must be put together, taped and sealed, taking extra time in the moving process. Plastic boxes from BungoBoxes come with their own built in tops, no assembly required, saving time and effort.


Better Moving Boxes For Less Money

Not often can you get better quality for less money, but with BungoBoxes, that is exactly what you will get. BungoBoxes offer high quality plastic moving boxes that are more durable than cardboard yet are also less expensive. Typically, buying cardboard boxes for a move can cost up to 50% more than renting BungoBoxes. Moving is expensive enough without adding additional costs for no added benefit.


In addition to being a better quality moving box, plastic is also versatile and convenient. Plastic moving boxes come in many sizes, all with easy-to-close tops, making them easy to be stacked. With cardboard boxes, there is always the worry that a heavy box will crush a lighter box when stacked. With durable plastic, these boxes stack and fit together nicely to save space when moving, with no worries of crushing the bottom boxes.


When it comes to choosing your moving boxes, renting plastic boxes can save time, money and even the environment over buying cardboard boxes. Before your next move, look up online to see what a difference using plastic can make. Once you experience the convenience and durability of renting plastic moving boxes from BungoBox, you will never go back to flimsy cardboard.


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