What Can You Fit in a BungoBox?

admin August 23, 2010

When you watch the video below, you might wonder for a minute if the guys at BungoBox are physicists that have created black holes in the form of moving boxes. Or maybe they are magicians that have created boxes with a false bottom?

While both are great ideas, consider BungoBoxes a combination of the above – with a science and magic all their own.

How Big are They?

There are two different sizes of BungoBoxes.

  • Large BungoBox (L): these boxes are 2.5 cubic feet and are 27” long x 17” wide x 12” high.
  • Extra Large BungoBox (XL): these boxes are 3.8 cubic feet and are 28” long x 20” wide x 15” high.

(Also available is the BungoWardrobe – a convienent way to move your clothing straight from closet-to-closet, while still on the hangers! To hear what customers have to say about BungoWardrobes, go here)

So What Can Fit?

Below are the guidelines for what each box can hold. However, as you can see from the video, mix and matching items can also allow you to use up every last inch of the box and pack a lot of stuff in!

  • Large BungoBox: One large BungoBox can hold approximately 15 pairs of men’s jeans and 26 men’s t-shirts or 15 pots and pans of various sizes.
  • Extra Large BungoBox: One extra large BungoBox can hold approximately 12 towels and 3-5 sets of sheets.

For more ideas on how many BungoBoxes you need for your move, please visit our Products Page.

Did you know that even children can fit inside BungoBoxes?!?

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