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The problem with being an entrepreneur is, when you spot a good idea, you just can’t turn it down, no matter how much you’ve already got on your plate. Such is the case for Bob Cannon, co-founder and president of BungoBox.

As soon as he heard about his cousin Tom Cannon’s earth-friendly idea to rent plastic, recyclable moving boxes, he was on board. "I was blown away by the concept." says Bob. "The simplicity, and the fact that it would help keep waste out of our landfills was even better."

Plus, Bob was moving at the time, and Tom prompted him to test out the boxes himself. "I fell in love with the concept even more after that." says Bob. "They are kind of like life-size legos, stackable and efficient. I thought, wow, a cardboard-free move, that could really change the landscape of the entire moving process."

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Why We Use Plastic

There was a lot that went into us forming a company that helps moving less sucky. But mostly, we were just extremely rational (and notably awesome). Our customers save money, time, stress, and even help save the environment. Watch this video about how we started - and better yet - why we did.

Our Name's Origin

Let’s be honest, you’ve wondered where our name came from. It’s ok. Everyone does. And now you can learn the answer. Watch the video and be amazed at how awesome we are.” or “Learn how we got our name, and why it’s awesome.

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Tom Cannon's Bio Image
Tom Cannon
Chief Samurai
(a.k.a. CEO and cofounder)

While Tom Cannon is a Super Mario aficionado, uber tech geek and stationary bike racing champion (all amazing talents, no doubt), he is most well known for dreaming up BungoBox and giving it the mass...

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Bob Cannon's Bio Image
Bob Cannon
The Schmoozer
(a.k.a. president and cofounder)

More than pretty much anything, Bob loves to laugh. That explains why he’s a huge Seinfeld fan and also has a wisecrack for nearly any situation. He has also mastered the art of relating any...

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